HANDBRAKE Video Transcoder

A quality video conversion program will be affordable and versatile, which is why Handbrake is recommended. Handbrake was built with the user in mind, and its interface is simple and easy to use. If you have a tight budget, you are likely concerned with the price tag. If this is the case, then you will be happy to discover that Handbrake is free to download and use.


Although Handbrake won’t cost you anything, it comes complete with tons of great features. People often complain that video conversion software takes too long to install and configure. But Handbrake comes with several device presets, which enable you to optimize the settings for your device quickly. Another concern with video conversion software is that it will have limited performance capabilities. Handbrake was designed with flexibility and versatility in mind, and it can convert all common video formats. Handbrake also enables you to add a range of video filters. You can even transfer a video from a DVD to your computer in any format you wish. However, this option will not work if the DVD has copyright protection enabled.

Advanced Settings

If you are experienced with computer software, you might be concerned that Handbrake’s simple interface will provide limited functionality. But if you are feeling ambitious, Handbrake also comes with advanced settings and options. For example, you can add chapter markers and subtitles to your videos. If you want a smaller video file, you can choose to decrease the quality of the video, which is great for storing videos on portable devices.

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